You should never, ever wear white in Buffalo - and there are a few big reasons why. 

For Western New Yorkers, ‘tis the season for wearing our royal blue and red Bills colors to our heart’s content (or navy blue and gold. Go Sabres!). And even if you’re not a sports fan (which we’ll admit is rare here in Buffalo, but it happens), you could still rock any color of the rainbow you want.

But white? Wearing white is a massive no-no in Buffalo, New York. 

There isn’t just one reason to not rock a white outfit in the Buffalo area. Actually, there are many good reasons to avoid wearing white, and they’re all valid.

Why Shouldn’t You Wear White In Buffalo?

No, it has nothing to do with the whole archaic “you can’t wear white after labor day” rule that Emily Post put in our heads a hundred years ago. Honestly, we’ve ignored that etiquette commandment for years.

It’s also not because wearing white is usually reserved for a bride on their big day. (And honestly, even in that case, brides should highly consider bucking the tradition and wearing something in a dark color if they’re getting married in Buffalo).

You may not believe us, or think we’re being dramatic, but we are dead serious. Wearing white in Buffalo is a massive mistake - and if you should dare attempt it, trust us - you’ll absolutely regret it.

Keep reading to find out the very good reasons why wearing white in Buffalo is a terrible idea.

Why You Never Wear White In Buffalo, New York

You should never, ever wear white in Buffalo, and here are a few reasons why. 

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