Who has the best mac and cheese in Western New York? It's national Mac and Cheese day every year on July 14 and Buffalo is in no shortage of some great dishes of the American Classic.

Of course, you will have your Fat Bob's or Mooney's in the mix as the top, but people we're legit arguing about it when we put it up on Facebook for debate. Some you could say are overrated which 100% the truth. Some of you think the most popular ones are the heavenly mac and cheese....and obviously, you need to go find some of these other gems that are in Western New York.

Mooney's is home of the best mac and cheese. Change my mind.

HOT TAKE: try the Kenny Pow Mac and Cheese. It's the Mooney's mac and cheese with sausage, onions, green peppers, black olives, mushrooms, pepperoni and bacon.

It IS the best one they have, but it's just coincidence there is a good cause attached to it. So if I didn't change your mind maybe this will: Mooney's lost their builder and best friend of Mooney's, Kenny Pow. They will donate a portion of all supremes sold to help put both his children through college.

1.) Fat Bob's Smokehouse
2.) Mooney's
3.) Ballyhoo
4.) Dinosaur Bar-B-Que
5.) Panaro's
6.) Amy's Place
7.) Pano's On Elmwood
8.) Pearl Street Grill & Brewery
9.) Anderson's

Who else would you have on the list? Who deserves the #1 ranked spot?

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