So, who do you think is the most overexposed name in the celebrity world.  I can think of handfuls, but one is definitely far and beyond the others.  The fact that this person has even become a celebrity really bothers me.  I guess all you have to do is throw a sex tape out there..then BOOM!!  You're a star!  If you haven't figured out that I'm referring to ......Kim Kardashian, you need to watch more E!

Yep, Kim Kardashian is #1 on Forbes list of the "Most Overexposed Celebrities."  Kim got 65% of the vote while Lindsay Lohan came in a close 2nd with 64% of the vote. 

Snooki was 3rd... Octomom ( yet another celebrity for no reason) 4th....Paris Hilton (money makes a celebrity , oh yeah and a sex tape), Kate Gosselin, The Situation, Kourtney Kardashian, Levi Johnston?--really? and Khloe Kardashian!