If you have been in Western New York at any point over the past 35+ years chances are you have heard the Buffalo Bills "Shout" song.

Whether you were at the stadium after a score, driving around Western New York and heard it on the radio, at local wedding receptions, or just walking around and hearing a group of Bills fans break out in song. The "Shout" song has become an iconic part of Bills' history here in Western New York.

Do you know who sings the song? Most people think it is the Isley Brothers, which is almost right. The Bills' "Shout" song is a customized version of the Isley Brother's 1959 hit. It was recorded in 1987 by a singer from Indiolopis, Scott Kemper.

Kemper was asked by a friend to record the Bills version of the song in 1987 and never thought it would take off as it did. Kemper is a musician who has a couple of albums and has been heard on several national TV and radio commercials including commercials for Coca-Cola.

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The Bills owned the original rights to the "Shout" song from 1987 until 1993 and almost passed on renewing the rights to use the song, but Bills fans protested and demanded the team buy the rights to use the song for the team. The team, who had tried to make up a new touchdown song, relented to fan pressure and bought the rights to continue to use the song.

The Isley's Brother's version of the song was a massive hit and was inducted into the Grammy Hall of Fame in 1999 and was ranked #118 on Rolling Stone's Top 500 Songs of All-time.

This weekend as the Bills get ready to take on Kansas City in the NFL playoffs, I am sure you will hear the Bills "Shout" song once, or twice, or like a million times! Go Bills!

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