Does that sound at all familiar.  Maybe it was your spouse, your bf or gf...maybe even your bff.  So why didn't you answer your call?

Hey, I called you like 3 times and you never picked up.  Are you avoiding me?  Did I do something to make you mad?  What's wrong?  Why didn't you answer my calls?
A study from Britain's University of Salford found that 90% of cell phone users ignore calls and the calls usually ignored are from loved ones!

Here are the Top 10 reasons you don't/ didn't pick up the call:

#1- I didn't hear it ring.
#2....I was driving at the time.
#3- I was feeding the dog at the time
#4- I was unable to speak at the time
#5- Was in the bathroom
#6- Heard it ring, but couldn't locate the phone in time
#7- Sorry, I was in a meeting!
#8- I didn't recognize the number on my caller ID
#9- I just wasn't in the mood to answer
#10- There were other people around me and I didn't want them to listen to our conversation
Source: Metro Source

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