Neil Olson put up a Christmas tree in his home all decorated in 1974 and when two of his sons went off to war, he vowed he would not take it down until all 6 of his children were home together again for Christmas.

It's 2014 and that tree is still up.

Yellowing needles and "100-year-old" lights.

According to Yahoo:

Olson's oldest son was injured in the Vietnam War, and his disability has stopped him from returning to Wausau from Washington state for Christmas. So the tree has stayed up, still covered in the same ornaments, tinsel and lights as the day Olson decorated it.

Out of all 6 kids, only one son does not live in Neil's home state of Wisconsin and although, they still talk, Neil wishes his son will come home.

When asked about the 100 year old lights, he said he'll never turn them back on:

It'd just blow up on me," he joked. "All that dust on there. It'd be like an atomic bomb."

We're still wondering how he's kept it alive so long.

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