How many Christmas tree ornaments do you think that you have collected over the years? Tons, probably.

Your Christmas tree could be like a timeline of your life. Your engagement (you know how many ornaments people give you when you get engaged lol if you do not get TONS for some reason. People love to give them as an engagement gift), your first Christmas together, baby's first birthday, first home, the list goes on.

It's a fun way to remember all the pit stops and changes in your life, but there is ONE MISTAKE you do not want to make.

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Over the years family members give you Christmas ornaments and SOME of your grandmas, aunts or in-laws LOVE to see the ornaments that they gave you. That being said, you might not actually want 30 'ENGAGED CHRISTMAS' on your Christmas Tree and that is fine...but, you have to be ready in case the people that gave you those ornament gifts are coming over.

You know what happens. They walk in the door and walk right over to the tree and compliment the tree and then look for the ornament they gave you. Be ready. Get a box on the side of the tree with those ornaments that you do not want to put on the tree and sneak them on there when those certain guests come over.

We do it at our house and it saves quite a lot of awkward moments. Good Luck and Merry Christmas!

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