The spring arrived like a lion in most parts of New York State. While much of the country is worried about pollen and spring bugs, New York State residents are dealing with shoveling snow and cold temperatures.

Trails cameras have changed the way we scout for wildlife and protect our property. From the basic to the more advanced, there is a wide variety of cameras and features depending on what you want, and what you are willing to pay for.

Most of the people we know use cameras that record video as well as take pictures. With that said, they even have the cameras that send out a photo or video when something, or someone sets them off.

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I happened to catch this wicked weather moment as the snow was falling from a nearby tree. It is majestic to see the snow turn in to powder as it glistens down.

Wicked Event Captured On This New York State Trail Camera

This past weekend, the Western New York area received a spring snowstorm that dropped more than 6 inches in some spots. Hopefully, for those who don't love the snow, that will be the last we see until the next fall.

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Gallery Credit: Clay Moden

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