Most pet owners have a cool story on how they came up with their pet's name.

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Cat owners are a bit different. It seems that cat owners have no problem coming with some of the coolest and wildest names for cats. There are no Spikes, Freds, Maxs, or Buddys here.

It is always interesting to hear someone tell the origin story of their cat's name. As an example, look at my cat Stamp. You probably think that Stamp is a weird and unusual name for a pet and you would be right.

So how did Stamp get her name? Well, it is really simple. When we went to adopt Stamp from the Humane Society in Panama City Beach, Flordia, the workers there told a sad story.

Stamp was brought into the agency as a young kitten when she was found in a mailbox by a letter carrier who was working their route. The letter carrier brought Stamp in and eventually she was adopted by us.

So what would you call a cat found in a mailbox? You could go with a lot of different names from Letter to envelope, but we ended up with Stamp. Of course, if you ever need to mail anything you need a Stamp.

We needed a Stamp in our life and when we adopted her, we were so happy.

So knowing how creative cat owners can get, we decided to ask people on social media to share the name of their cat and why they go their name.

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