The COVID pandemic had a huge impact on travel in and out of Canada. Some of you in the States have not been able to get to your property across the border in over a year! The border closure is still in place and in order for the border to re-open, there needs to be at least 75% of Canadian residents vaccinated.

There Is A Push from Rep. Brian Higgins To Allow Canadians To Get Vaccinated In NYS.

As of now, there is no legislation that allows for the travel in and out of the states to get a vaccine. However, according to a Channel 2 News report, there is a surplus of vaccine and that should be used for Canadians.

It has to be so frustrating for those in Canada who are desperately waiting to get a vaccine. Many Canadians watch the news about New York reopening and the progress we have made here. But under 5% of the population in Canada has been vaccinated and government officials across the border seem to be unwilling to budge on allowing for travel between the States and Canada.

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