Reports are surfacing that Miami Dolphins defensive tackle is about to be released.  With a need up front defensively for the Buffalo Bills, does he fit the mold?

He is one of the most decorated players in college football history.  He is a 5 time pro bowl NFL player.  He's won tons of awards.

We have a big need up front defensively.  With Marcell Dareus getting shipped off to Jacksonville, and an aging (but still very loved) Kyle Williams we could use a stud defensive tackle.  However, I don't think he's going to be joining the Buffalo Bills any time soon.

One of the reasons that people believe he's being released in the first place is that Miami is going through a little bit of what Buffalo is going through now.  Culture change.

We've been asked to #TrustTheProcess.  Part of that process has been to watch some of our biggest draft picks walk out the door.  While many think that the current brass was trying to clear the roster of all of former GM Doug Whaley's picks, the front office at One Bills Drive claims that it's part of a culture change.

Ndamukong Suh has also been criticized, penalized, and even fined for his style of play.  Some people call it aggressive.  I call it dirty.


We just got rid of Marcell Dareus who was a stud up front because he didn't "fit into the culture" that they are trying to build.  Why would we pick up a guy like Suh?

Some people will say it doesn't matter.  If he's a beast on the field, he's the kind of guy we want.  I disagree.  A guy like that does you know good when he's suspended.  There are plenty of good guys out there that are beasts on the field.  Let's get those guys.

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