Labor Day is a day to celebrate the achievements of the American workers.  For many, it will be a three-day weekend.  But not everyone will close to celebrate.

It always felt weird to work on Labor Day.  It's a day set aside to celebrate the American Labor Movement, and here we are working...

But someone has to do it, right?

It is a federal holiday, so banks and post offices will be closed.  Every year there's a debate as to who will be/should be open on Labor Day.  While a lot of businesses like to offer their employees a weekend to relax and recharge as the summer winds to an end, not everyone can do that.  While people are off, they often like to spend money.  So if you're closed when they're shopping, you could be missing out on a big chunk of revenue.

Especially this year, a lot of businesses are doing what they can to have their door open as often as possible.

As always we want to make sure that if a local business is open, people know about it.  And vice versa, if they're closed, we want to help avoid frustrated customers by letting them know.  So we reached out on facebook to find out what local businesses would be open.  Sadly, we only got a couple responses, but if you'd like to add your business to this list, feel free to add it in the comments section on this post:

However, thanks to RetailMeNot, we do have a list of businesses that will be open this Monday.  This includes national stores and restaurants that have locations here in Western New York.

Will you be doing any shopping on Labor Day?

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