Happy Labor Day weekend! Here are my five favorite songs that speak to and honor the hard working fan of Country Music. Not in any particular order, but they all fit nicely into a Top 5!

Brooks and Dunn : Hard Workin Man

A song that relates the old adage of "work hard, play harder." Nothing like busting your butt all week and unwinding on the weekend.

Aaron Tippin: Workin Man's PHD

Not everyone has a fancy college degree. America needs blue collar workers and this song is an anthem for that group of Americans!

Johnny Paycheck: Take This job And Shove It

Any one  reading this that hasn't heard this song? Doubtful. It remains one of the most requested songs we have on WYRK. Pretty much says what we all have thought a time or two. And for those with nothing to "work for anymore," it has even more meaning.

Alabama: 40 Hour Week For A Living

I think of all these songs, this one gives me chills the most. It really paints a great picture of what the work force in the USA is all about. From factory to fields, to the city streets and the quiet country towns, American workers keep this country turning and surviving.

Johnny Cash : Oney

Ok, IF I had to chose one song that would be my favorite or a #1 of this top 5, this would be it. At one time or another, we have all wanted to punch our bosses or find a way to get back at them for all the years of crap we have had to put up with while they take all the credit and keep cracking the whip. This songs says it all. Oney, (the boss) "gets his" after a guy retires from years of being mistreated and under appreciated at his job.

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