It's been an absolutely brutal past 12 hours for Buffalo Bills fans. To say the least -- the Buffalo Bills lost what was a heartbreaking game against the Kansas City Chiefs on Sunday night in the AFC Divisional Round.

The Chiefs won 42-36 in overtime, and it's been talked about as potentially the greatest game in NFL history; at least playoff history.

There were 17 points scored in the final 62 seconds of regulation and 25 points in the final 1:54 of regulation. The Bills had two surreal drives led by quarterback Josh Allen that seemingly had won the Bills the game twice, only for the Bills to lose because of their defense and what were questionable defensive decisions made by the coaching staff.

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The Bills and Chiefs don't like another another very much, and there might have been a case of that taking place after the game.

According to Matt Parrino of Syracuse dot com, Chiefs linebacker Willie Gay waved at Bills players after the game for two minutes, while other players rom each side were shaking hands.

Gay was also arrested this past week for a misdemeanor criminal damage case.

Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes took the much higher road after the win, seeking out Josh Allen and embracing him for a hard-fought game, that honestly, may have featured the two greatest quarterback performances in NFL playoff history. Allen's two-game stretch was very well the best in NFL playoff history.

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