The weather may not be exactly what we want for Christmas here in New York State but technically speaking, the winter is about to begin here in the northeast.

The winter weather in New York State is most likely best summed up by comparing it to being on a roller coaster. The ups and downs and sudden twists and turns are frequent in the winter from warm to cold to wet to snow, Mother Nature will have you feeling upside down in a hurry.

But the forecasts call for a mild start to winter here in New York State this week. It is ideal for travel in the air and on the road as winter officially arrives in New York State on Thursday, December 21st 2023.

While it is 6 months until summer arrives, there is some good news for those who are not fans of the winter months. The days are about to start to get longer as we we pass over the next few days. Typically, the start of winter is the "shortest" day of the year as we see the least amount of sunlight as is indicated by the Tweet below.

As far as the cold and snow, those of us who were born and raised here in New York State know that the coldest air will be here in January of February. In fact, the coldest days of winter on record fell later in winter.

The lowest temperature ever recorded in New York was at Old Forge, on February 18, 1979, when it was -52 degrees.

If you have plans to travel to New York City this Holiday, the forecast is not terrible for Christmas in the Big Apple.

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