Along with the snow this weekend we will see a steep drop in temperatures and with gusty winds, it is going to be very cold.

Much of New York State is already under a Winter Storm Warning for tonight through Saturday and behind the snow is another arctic blast that is going to bring along some very cold wind chills.

The National Weather Service issued a Winter Storm Watch for over 30 counties across New York State. With that Winter Storm Watch, there will be plenty of snow. The storm is expected to drop on average around 6-7 inches of snow. More snow than average is expected in the southern part of the state, especially the Southern Tier.

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The Winter Storm is supposed to sweep across the state starting tonight and last through Saturday evening. After this storm comes through another cold front will come through bringing very windy conditions.

Those winds with gusts up to 50 miles per hour will drop the wind chill to single digits with some areas of the state seeing the wind chill drop below zero.

The good news is that this front will quickly move across the state and we will see a major warmup on Monday. The average high for Monday will between 45-55 degrees.

So far this year it has been less snowy than normal for the most part across New York State. Buffalo is the only major city in the state to average more than normal snowfall so far this Winter.

With that snow, they are currently leading the chase for the annual Golden Snowball award for the city in New York that gets the most snow during the season.

You can see the latest rankings HERE.

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