Hopefully, you didn't get used to the warm sunny weather we had yesterday because we are set for another arctic blast this weekend.

After a day of sunny and 60s, we will return to normal average temperature this week before another Winter blast is coming our way on Saturday.

Today there will be rain this afternoon with temperatures dropping swiftly overnight leading to possible snow and ice showers.

We will see a warmup on Wednesday with temperatures rising into the mid-40s and then into the 50s by Friday. The start of the weekend will bring some Winter weather coming our way.

On Saturday there will be a major cool-down across the region with snow expected. On Saturday we will see a low near 30 will possible snow showers. Also, the winds will pick up with possible gusts around 30 miles per hour causing the wind chill to feel like it would be around 21 degrees.

On Sunday the cold and snow continues. The high will be right around freezing at 32 degrees with wind gusts up to around 41 miles per hour. The wind chill will make it feel like it is only 19 degrees.

We will be back to normal temperatures next Monday with cloudy skies with a high of around 44 degrees.

On average Western New York gets around 5.4 inches of snow and rain throughout the month of March. According to weather25.com, Buffalo is expected to get around 9 snowy days over the next 14 days for around 11 inches of snow.

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