It’s the holiday season and your mind may already be racing, trying to figure out what is the perfect gift for your family and your friends, but just take a deep breath. 

You don’t have to stress out about it any longer, because there are a few tools that can help you!

Once we hit November, Oprah Winfrey released her list of Favorite Things for 2023, a list that Oprah creates every year. If you have never read the list before, it is full of brilliant ideas for gifts during the holiday season, and Oprah even organizes the list by category, too!  

Oprah also looks at gifts that you can get from locally-owned small businesses, and although you can order most of the items from Amazon, it’s going towards small business owners.

“We’ve looked across the country (and a little beyond) to find just the right gifts for the people you love, adore, and thank heaven for,” Oprah wrote on her website Oprah Daily. “Shop from this list, and you’ll support a wide variety of BIPOC-, women-, or veteran-founded companies.”

The list is very long, and you can see it here. Some of the best simple gift ideas include the classic tumbler with a lid, air fryer, an electric pizza oven, hoop earrings, reusable shopping bags, a water bottle for your dog, and more.

If you ask me, ice wine should be up there, since it’s so popular in the Niagara region with all the wineries. Ice wine is a unique kind of wine that is made up of grapes that are hand-picked from the vine when a temperature of 17 degrees or below is reached.

We asked you on Facebook at 106.5 WYRK what are some of Western New York’s Favorite Things For 2023, to figure out what most people around Buffalo want for the holidays. 

It turns out, it’s not that simple, but we got our answers! You can see those below. 

Western New York Wants 20 Things For The Holidays

The holiday season is here, and you may be wondering what your friends and family would like this year. There's a few things that would make a great gift.

Gallery Credit: Kadie Daye, Canva Image, Getty Image


So many people mentioned money-related expenses, and I can’t help but agree. It has gotten so crazy when it comes to cost over the last year (remember when eggs were $5 per dozen?). 

And it brings up a good point. While gifts and presents are great and all, maybe you could help lighten someone’s load by offering to pay their phone bill for the month or to get them a Tops or Wegmans gift card so they can afford groceries that month.

Happy holidays! Don’t forget to look at Oprah’s list too.

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