A new report shows that over 225 police officers and jail guards in Western New York we suspended, fired, or resigned in the last 5 years.

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The Current Climate

The political and social climate, over the past several years, has lead to law enforcement being put under a microscope. Some believe this is unfair, and the changes being made as a result have gone too far and limited police from doing their jobs effectively. Others believe that despite changes, police are too abusive of their power and more needs to be done. 

Viral Video That Fueled the Conversation

Adding fuel to the metaphorical fire of this debate was a recent viral video. It shows some officers from the Syracuse Police Department detaining an 8-year-old boy after receiving a report that the child stole a bag of chips. 

A bystander in Syracuse filmed the video and posted it on Twitter, which you can see below. 

A Report On WNY Law Enforcement

Back here in Western New York, a Buffalo News Report has come out said to represent the “broadest public review ever conducted of police misconduct cases in Erie and Niagara counties.” You can see that full report here

In the report, the Buffalo News gave a specific number to represent the police misconduct cases in Erie and Niagara counties since 2017, saying that:  

More than 225 police officers and jail guards in Western New York have been suspended, fired, or resigned while facing allegations of misconduct in the last five years.


The Buffalo News also created a database that includes a round-up of these police records from the State Division of Criminal Justice Services, and you can see that full listing here

How Does THis Make You Feel?

There are thousands of officers and jail guards in Western New York. In Buffalo alone, there are around 900 police officers. Does this report and information concern you?

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