During Governor Andrew Cuomo's press conference on Monday morning, he announced that they're expecting the Western New York region to enter Phase 2 tomorrow (Tuesday, June 2nd).

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This would be exactly two weeks since entering Phase 1. Governor Cuomo said an official announcement would come later today but all signs point to Phase 2 happening tomorrow.

Global experts will run through the data once more to make sure everything is all good but the Governor plans for the region to enter Phase 2.

Among the businesses allowed to reopen (with safety guidelines for social distancing in place) are offices (law firms, real estate, accounting, etc.), hair salons, barbershops, and retail.

All businesses reopening need to have a structured plan in place to keep customers, patients, and employees safe.

This also means we could be only two weeks away from restaurants and bars reopening, which are a part of Phase 3.

The Governor also added that hospitalizations and total new cases statewide are down again, along with the lowest daily death toll from the virus they've seen in months.

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