If you're hoping for a white Christmas in Western New York, you might get your wish in 2020.

According to WKBW, Western New York will get a chance at a white Christmas next week. While there will be a series of small storms that provide a chance at light snow, there's a bigger storm that will develop in the Great Lakes near Christmas Day that may give us a white Christmas. Two chances actually.

The storm itself should give us a chance at a white Christmas but then the cold air should be strong enough to fire up our lake effect machine to give us that second chance at snow around Christmas Day. It's not guaranteed but it looks more promising than it did a few days ago.

However, Buffalo will be narrowly missing one of the biggest snowstorms in recent years in the northeast this Wednesday and Thursday. While the southern tier might get a couple inches, it'll be nothing compared to the 12+ inches that central and eastern Pennsylvania will see, along with the New York City region.

This heavy snowstorm will likely impact travel and will cause trouble for mail and package deliveries in the northeast, which is obviously bad timing for gift deliveries before Christmas Day.

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