It was a big and wild weekend for racing on the super speedway in Talladega. Like many situations, there was a Western New York connection this past weekend.

Andy Jankowiak took a top 10 finish in the Arca Race this past weekend finishing 7th! This is great news for a driver who can trace his roots back to his family racing on the local tracks like Holland and Lancaster.

Andy J Racing at Talladega Facebook

According to a post on Facebook, Andy is very blessed to have the opportunity to do what he is doing.

Just a huge thank you to everyone on this team and all of our awesome partners.... Its a special deal, from our team, our crew, our helpers and all of our sponsors. I never could have imagined how this was going to turn out when I headed south one year ago to see Ken Schrader. It has been one wild ride and we ain't done yet.

It was a crazy weekend for racing on the big track in Alabama. Many people will be talking about the crash at the end of race that sure looked devastating and thankfully, there were no serious injuries!

If you are new to NASCAR or a lifetime fan, keep in mind that we have our Clay and Company Race Pool each week there is a Cup Race. All you need to do is listen for the sound of the cars on the track. When you hear us play it, call us and get a starting spot. Whichever driver fills that spot is your driver for the weekend!

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