There is another shortage that they've been warning us about for awhile.  Now, we're going to start seeing it affect our wallets.

According to a report from WIVB, there is a shortage of chicken wings in the US.  That's going to raise the price for restaurants and of course that means, we are going to pay more.

How much more are we going to have to pay?

Abby Fridman from WIVB says some local restaurants are expecting chicken wings to go up 3 or 4 dollars per case.  When they buy 20 cases or so per week, that turns out to be an extra $60-$80 for them.  They're in business to make a profit...not to lose money.  So you can expect that amount will fall on us to make up.

How long will these prices be high?

Get used to it.  There doesn't look like there's going to be much change right away.  Chris McCann is the owner of Mooney's.  He anticipates that it could be this way until at least July.

Why is there a shortage in the first place?

Some people are blaming it on the fact that so many people were ordering take out wings from restaurants during the pandemic while factories weren't allowed to have as many workers at the factory.  If you're ordering/eating more and not producing as much because the factories have fewer just aren't going to have the same supply.

Isn't there anything else they can do?

As I mentioned earlier, restaurants are hurting badly enough already.  They need to make a profit.  The other thing they could do to avoid raising costs is to go to a smaller wing.  So instead of paying more, you'll be getting less.

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