If you're a fan of the Sarah Jessica Parker series, 'Divorce,' keep an eye out for local teenager Ashley Szczerbacki -- the St. Mary's High School student makes an appearance in the show's newest episode.

WIVB reports Szczerbacki landed the role while in New York City to try out for The Voice. She may not have had the chance to turn Blake's chair, but she did land an audition for the HBO series, and eventually clinched the role.

“Do you know Sarah Jessica Parker? Her and Thomas Haden Church are the main characters in it, and they’re getting a divorce and they’re just kind of going through it,” Szczerbacki told WIVB. “And they have a daughter, and I’m on her basketball team.”

Szczerbacki has been singing, dancing and acting for years, according to WIVB -- but she's apparently pretty humble about it.

“She had come to me one day with a friend, and the friend said, ‘Did you know Ashley tried out for The Voice?’ And I said, ‘I didn’t even know Ashley could sing, that is so awesome!'" Jessica Urbino, a teacher at St. Mary's High School, told WIVB.

“She’s a very determined person and student, so I see her doing great things.”

Source: WNY teen lands role in HBO show, which features Sarah Jessica Parker | WIVB

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