I actually saw a guy using a push broom to clear his driveway over the weekend. My guess is that he probably put his shovels and snowblower away? It is either a rookie mistake, or he had simply given up on winter and moved on? Either way, we sure got a good deal of snow over the weekend.

It felt more like the beginning of December than the end of March this past weekend. If you were driving around Sunday in the Southtowns, you were greeted by blustery conditions and white outs! But how much snow did we actually get? Turns out, some places got more than enough to shovel or plow!

Forestville, in Chautauqua County, got nearly a foot as of Sunday afternoon!

Tiwtter Snow

The calendar says it is spring. But growing up in and living in Western New York my entire life, I have seen it snow in May! I remember a Mother's Day that it snowed so hard we could barley make it to my sister's graduation from St. Bonaventure that was held the same day! The trip from East Aurora to Olean was a tricky and slippery one. Will we have snow in May this year? Hard to say. But if we did, it wouldn't be a surprise. This winter never wants to end.

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