Here in WNY, we have so many great things to offer our visitors, from delicious Buffalo food, live music around every corner, and  the ability to enjoy all four seasons (sometimes all in the same day), but wouldn't it be great to have a one stop shop for out-of-towners to get the 411? Good news...

According to WGRZ, The WNY Welcome Center is now officially open! The center is located on Grand Island off the Whitehaven road exit on the 190. The welcome center is a completely new, 25 million dollar, Frank Lloyd Wright inspired building, that offers guests bright new bathrooms, a snack bar and museum combo, and also features locally grown food from area farms.

The soft opening was Monday, but a grand opening celebration is in the works for the near future. To learn more about the new WNY Welcome Center, and to check out a video of what it features, Click Here! 

This is how I look at it, now when family and friends come in from wherever, and start pestering you with what to do, and what's so great about WNY etc etc. you can now throw em' in an Uber or Lyft and send them the WNY Welcome Center!!

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