Nothing says ‘manly man’ like a mustache. So, this guy must be a real manly man.

A fella in India has set the Guinness world record for longest mustache, with a lip umbrella measuring 14 feet.

Ram Singh Chauhan has been growing the hair for 32 years. It’s so long little girls can use it to jump rope. It’s so long he can turn it into a lasso. It’s so long it can double as a clothesline. You get the idea.

Chauhan, who spends about two hours a day grooming his ‘stache, is fiercely proud of it:

For me, the mustache means everything. It is priceless. It is a symbol of pride, respect and honor.”

You know, Tom Selleck could say the same thing and his mustache is diminutive by comparison, so maybe someone should send a message to this guy he can cool it. But if Chauhan (who is married) does insist on keeping it, we recommend he be set up with this woman, just for the looks they’d get when going out to eat.

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