Remember when The Breakfast Club used to do Worst Joke Wednesday?  They were some of the best (and worst) jokes ever told on the radio.  Well, now it's returning to WYRK.  The difference is that now, you'll be able to find it on Twitter.

So you won't ever have to worry about missing the jokes.  They'll all be written down for you on our Twitter page.  You won't miss a punch line, and you won't ever have to worry about hearing them clearly.

The only thing we need is your participation.  Follow us on twitter @1065WYRK, and then use the hashtag #WorstJokeWednesday.  If we get enough "good" bad jokes, then maybe down the road we'll be able to award prizes for some of the worst. Remember, they're supposed to be terrible.  That's why it's called "Worst" Joke Wednesday.  This time though, there's a 140 character limit.

It's Wednesday.  Let's get to it!