It looks like not everyone is a fan of living in Western New York.

A study came out ranking the worst places to live in New York State and one Western New York town made the top 10.

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The website posted on their website the worst places to live in New York State and unfortunately, Lockport ended up on the list. In fact, Lockport landed pretty high on the list.

According to the article, Lockport was ranked as the 3rd worst place to live in the entire state of New York. Lockport has been around for a long time, it was established as a village in 1829 and was named after the Erie Canal locks that were in the area.

Lockport ended up 3rd on this list because according to the website,

The economy in the area is less than robust. The median income hovers at $45,018 and the unemployment rate stands at 6.0%.

The website gave Lockport an overall grade of B when it came to its rankings and Lockport scored average results when it came to crime and safety and weather.

If you haven't been to Lockport in a while, it is a pretty cool town and the Erie Canal is a must-see when you visit.

Should Lockport be the 3rd worst place to live in New York State? If you ask me, no way.  I would rather live in Lockport or any other Western New York town than downstate any day of the week. Sure we get snow in winter, but the weather here in summer and with all the cool things to do during the warm months is amazing.

You can see the whole list HERE.

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