If you have been driving long enough, even if you have a good driving record, chances are you have been pulled over and given a traffic ticket.

You should never speed or not fully stop at stop signs, but most people have been there before. You get pulled over and get a traffic ticket. Whether or not you decide to mail it in or go through the trouble of spending 2-3 hours in court is one issue, but for most cases you will be paying a fine.

To nobody's surprise, New York state is one of the top states that you should not speed in. There are quite a few traffic tickets written out each year in New York and it's so many tickets that it actually helps the towns budget -- adding up to thousands and millions of dollars.

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Last year, Traffic Tickets compiled a list of the most money in traffic tickets given out in New York state. They found a connection between the revenue made by a certain town and the number of total traffic tickets given out. Basically, you should be extra careful driving through these towns in New York.

Among the top 20, there is Greece, NY, Poughkeepsie, NY and Cheektowaga, NY. All of those towns are no surprise, if you have spent any time in the suburbs of Buffalo, Rochester and New York City.

However, there are five towns that rise above the rest when it comes to the worst traffic ticket places in New York state.

Worst Towns For Traffic Tickets in New York State

The top five worst towns in New York State for traffic tickets.

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Let me remind you before you read further, THIS BRAND IS NOT CALLING THESE CITIES OR TOWNS TRASHY. We are simply reporting on a list created by Road Snacks. If you have complaints, direct them towards them. You can do that here. Don't direct hate or anger towards us, we are simply reporting on a list that was sent in to talk about.

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