The last couple of weeks we’ve been suggesting some great Valentine’s gifts – Proflowers, tickets to our Acoustic Show, Taste Of Country tickets. Those are better ideas than some of the gifts these women received. You have to wonder what were these guys thinking. These are some of the worst Valentine’s gifts ever.

  • How about the guy who sent his girlfriend flowers? Nice thought, but she had told him she was allergic to flowers.
  • Nothing says I love you like a Dustbuster.
  • How about a gift card for an all-you-can-eat buffet? Is that more for him or her?
  • One lady says she got a hat that was bought at a second-hand store. It was infested with lice.
  • Some women might know of a product called Epilady. It’s a machine that pulls body hair out by the roots. Happy Valentine!
  • Another woman says for Valentine’s Day she got chocolate. Not a box of chocolates. She got a chocolate candy bar. She didn’t specify what kind. Hope it wasn’t Chunky.
  • Then there was the bouquet of a half dozen nearly dead roses and a card in Spanish because all the other cards were gone.
  • And what does it say about your relationship when a guy buys a card in a dollar store with the words “To My Friend On Valentine’s Day”.
  • Or how about the guy that gives you a card and doesn’t sign it so he can use it again next year?

Can you beat any of those? Do you have any to add?

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