Okay...I tried again.  I tried to wrap my own presents for Christmas.  I really believe that it shows that extra effort when you wrap your own instead of having someone else do it for you or just handing a present over in the bag that it came in.

But again, I feel like I failed...

If you've ever seen the presents that my wife wraps, they're like a piece of art.  It really makes me appreciate the work that she puts into make our holiday special.  She also does 4 times the amount of wrapping that I do.  I wrap the presents from me to her.  She does the rest and they look incredible!  The ones I wrap come out like a mound of tape and crumpled up paper.  But at least I try right?  Does that count?

If you're like me and you have a tough time wrapping gifts for ANY holiday, maybe  this website will help you out.

Happy Holidays and best of luck!