Jeff from Just Holster It recorded a video featuring a new product that he is offering called "Mega Boom."

Mega Boom is a new target device that allows you to fill a plastic bottle with compressed air. In this video, Jeff added some flour to make the plume after the "Mega Boom."

Jeff chose to shoot this target with a .22 but even a good pellet gun or bow and arrow can do the trick. That is....if you hit the target!!

According to Jeff: "We only used a one liter bottle, not a two liter. And we put about a ¼ cup of flower in it. As you can see the percussion moves the weeds around it. And the bottle hits the ground after the cloud clears. So the 2 liters will be very impressive."

Mega Boom targets are simple to operate and contain no explosives. They bottle is placed over a valve and plastic stand and you can fill the bottle with air using a bike pump! Once the bottle of air is hit with a bullet, arrow or pellet, it makes a "Mega Boom" sound.

We are going to try this out! Over the next couple of weeks, look for my "Mega Boom - Mini Series" here on Some of the highlights will include using different types of guns (and even a bow) to hit the target as well as different types of things inside and around the "Mega Boom."

CAUTION: The Megaboom Target in itself does not contain any explosive materials, however once air is placed in the bottle under pressure it is equivalent to an explosive device and should be handled with caution and proper safety precautions should be utilized. Must be 18 years old to purchase and follow safety instructions in packaging per manufacturer's guidelines.


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