There are items for survival that anyone who owns a car in WNY needs to have ready all year round.

Yes, we need the things for snow removal that Buffalo has been accustomed to having. Snow brushes, shovels and a blanket are essential for winter driving. As are some extra food or snacks and perhaps a full tank of gas.

But what about the other two months of the year that are not winter? What do you need in your vehicle? Here is what you said in our recent survey on Twitter.

We have three little boys under 4 years old and there never seems to be enough of anything in the car when you need it. Spills are a common thing and when you need a towel or wipe, they seem to be gone or not within reach. We are normally about 1 mile from the house when someone gets hungry or thirsty. There can never be enough snacks!

With the COVID 19 pandemic happening,  you can never be too careful. Kids are already germ collectors so it having hand sanitizer is standard for moms and dads. But it is even more important for everyone to have some in their vehicle and a spare mask can't hurt either.

Memorial Day weekend is almost here and if you are planning a road trip, stock up or do an inventory before you hit the highway!



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