The fall is here and the weather in New York State has been pretty decent. There have been a few wet weekends. However, overall things are pretty dry. In fact, there are some places in New York State that are in either a moderate or severe drought situation.

Perhaps you have taken advantage of the good weather and gotten outdoors to the woods or in your neighborhood to take a walk? There is something special about the cold, crisp fall air that really makes you feel good.

But the next time you are in the woods, take a little time to notice the things around you. Put the phone down and see the amazing things that Mother Nature has to offer. Here's another good idea-take the kids with you and teach them about the things that you see. For example, what are these yellow splotches in the woods? Are they paint? Were they put there on purpose?

According to some very informative Tweets (posts on "X") from the New York State Department of Conservation, they are actually something very special.

Meet Physarum polycephalum, which is not really an animal, a plant, or even a fungus. It’s a #slime mold – and a speedy one!

Some people that seem this in the woods or post photos online refer to it as "the blob". They say you are never too old to learn and as much time as I spend in the woods, I had no idea what this was.

This weekend will bring the opening day of the firearms season for deer hunters in portions of New York State. If you are headed to the woods, take a look for this yellow slime and other interesting natural things.

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