Yesterday I was out in Caneadea, NY in Allegany county for opening day of muzzleloading season. Muzzleloading is a throwback to old style of deer hunting. Recently I had purchased a new CVA Wolf .50 Caliber muzzleloading rifle. My buddy Anthony and I spent Sunday afternoon getting it sighted-in at his place in Newstead. After making a few adjustments on the scope, this gun was right on the money after about 5 shots. I felt very confident heading to my treestand yesterday morning. I spent about 4 and half hours in my favorite stand and did not see anything. It was about 16 degrees when I entered the property before daylight. By 11:30am, when I left the woods, it had not warmed up that much. I went into town to get some lunch and then came back and hunted a different spot for the afternoon. All in all, I put close to 9 hours in the treestands yesterday. I did not see any deer at all. But that's why they call it hunting. If it were easy, everyone would be doing it. I will be back at it on Sunday to see if I can put more food in my freezer for the long Western New York winter. Muzzleloading season coincides with Late Archery and runs until December 20. Good luck to all my fellow hunters. Be safe and shoot straight