The Bills made the announcement that they are planning on a full house when they take the field this fall.  But we can be pretty sure that if you go, you won't see this there...

It's one of the most uncomfortable moments of just about any sporting event.  The dreaded...Kiss Cam!

You know what the Kiss Cam is right?  The thing they do when there's a break in the action.  They cut to the jumbotron and you find a couple sitting there that normally isn't paying any attention to what's happening.  They're eating popcorn or watching the cheerleaders when suddenly the camera is zooming in on them just trying to enjoy the game.

Then one of them looks at the other like, "Are you gonna kiss me or not?", they give an uncomfortable kiss and then the crowd cheers.

Normally it's funnier when they refuse to kiss each other instead.  I mean, there's nothing like telling your kids 20 years down the line that your first kiss was forced by public opinion.

Thankfully, due to the pandemic, you can be pretty sure that that will be going least for a little while.  It's kind of hard to kiss and keep a mask on anyway.

However, they still need to fill that time when there's a break in the action.  So some teams are gonna have to come up with something else to do.  Some of them already have.  In Milwaukee, they now have a "Hand Sanitizer Cam."  It really doesn't have the same ring to it...and looks kind of gross.


Is there something we can sign to stay off the Hand Sanitizer Cam?


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