You know those people that just make the world a better place? Jamie Stayley from Lockport is one of those people. She's dealing with quite the hardship of her own--cancer. Though, she's committed to helping others in need, especially kids.

Jamie believes that no kid should be without a birthday party on their special day so, she came up with a way to help celebrate those financially hurting. She invented 'birthday boxes' filled with everything you need to help celebrate--including the supplies to make birthday pizzas and birthday cakes. Her idea is to have families make these items TOGETHER. It's a great idea that helps people in need and there are more people than you think that need the help. Jamie joined Clay and Company and dished out all of the details and how YOU can either get your box OR even help.

What's inside of the Birthday Boxes? All the pizza making supplies you need and all the birthday supplies you'll need for a small party: table clothes, utensils, cake mix, frosting, goodie bags that are filled for the kid's friends and, of course, a a gift for your child's birthday.

No questions asked.

Jamie stressed that, don't feel pressured to share your story or your hardships. If you are in need, she is just glad to help. You can get more info here. If you are looking to help or donate supplies or money, here is the Facebook page!

*The project has evolved and there will be Christmas, Easter and graduation boxes have been done as well!

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