Wine lovers know the beauty of a good cheese and wine combination and there is one company that has it all figured out for us amateurs!

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The newest line of Cheez-It wine box combinations is tailor made for those who love Rose.

I really have been enjoying a glass of wine more often these days. It is a great way to unwind after a long week. My wife and I have favorites that differ,  but we can both agree on a wine from the Chautauqua region and wine trail.

I can be persuaded to try the new Cheez-It wine. Who doesn't love a small cracker treat with their wine? This is not the first time we have seen Cheez-It wine. In 2019 they released a red wine and cracker combination.

Although I have been on a few wine tours and try to act like I know what is a good wine, I still have a hard time spending lots of money of a bottle of wine. If we are at a fancy dinner, I don't stare at the wine menu and pretend I know what I am looking at. Typically I will just ask the server what their favorite house win is or for a generic Cabernet.

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