I mean, you know the guy is good. But, 2011 before he was a polished arena-selling artist, the guy had it.

That's 5 years before he even got a deal with a major Nashville record label, and another year before his first song 'Hurricane' went number one at country radio. Flash forward another 4 years and, holy smokes, the list of accomplishments is a mile long including becoming a member of the Grand Ole Opry and having streamed the most out of anyone in country music and having 8 singles with each of them hitting the top of the chart.

Before he made it big, Luke Combs was putting out Vines and (remember, those? lol) all of the time, 'cutting his teeth' as they say for 10 years before hittin' it big. What does that mean? They say Nashville is a 10 year town meaning that it takes 10 years before you 'make it' and something good starts to happen.

Here is one guy Adam Church that was playing guitar on his YouTube page and brought his friend, Luke Combs to sing. He sounds like such a baby, not-so polished artist just trying to do covers and we love to root for and see people succeed.

"Hey guys, here is cover of Luke Bryan's newest single called "I Don't Want This Night To End". Hope yall like it! Check out my buddy Luke Comb's facebook music page..."

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