With the lottery becoming more and more popular, higher pay outs mean an even bigger, better lifestyle for a lucky winner or winners... or so we think. Picture it, you're laying in bed watching the numbers come up on your TV and after taking a second,or three, it sinks in that you are now a millionaire!! What should you do next?

WGRZ found out just that, what is the right thing to do after winning the jackpot? Many folks if asked would say the next step is tellin' the boss to shove it, take care of family financially and travel the world! However, before making huge life changes, a lottery lawyer should be contacted immediately, yes really, a lawyer that specializes in lottery winnings.

Self-proclaimed "Lottery Lawyer" Jason Kurland says :

Call your lawyer first... It sounds self-serving, but the first thing you should do is call us or an attorney you trust... You want to start surrounding yourself with people who have the experience to do this sort of thing."

What else should you do? Make sure you sign the winning ticket! A lottery ticket is what is called a bearer instrument, meaning the holder is presumed the owner. Some other key pieces of advice, stay away from office pools.

Yup, even though Karen in accounting is quiet and always has a smile on her face, it's amazing how money can change people and relationships. Keep the dream of winning yourself, and then just share it how you want, not because you have to.

Lastly, and this would be the hardest for me, KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT. As stated by Kurland:

Keeping quiet and limiting whom you tell about your win is crucial to staving off problems...The more people you tell, the faster word spreads, And that's when long-lost friends rear their heads, along with the most frequent culprit: charities.

Well there ya go, for all you future lottery winners, don't forget who gave you all this helpful information...I only charge a small small fee.


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