It's unbelievable how entitled people have become.  The following graphic video is proof of just how bad it's become.

The video is of a woman who had just been told that she wasn't allowed to use a bathroom at a Tim Horton's restaurant in Langley, British Columbia.

Click here to see the video

After being denied access to the establishment's bathroom, she first berated the employee standing behind the counter, then she dropped her pants there in front of everyone, went to the bathroom on the floor, then picked it up and threw it at the employee.

While no motive has been given about why the woman did what she did, or why she was denied access to the bathroom, a spokesperson for the company says it was due to "past behavior."

It was funny when Adam Sandler's adopted son did it in "Big Daddy."  I mean...when you gotta go, you gotta go right?

Not so funny when it's a grown woman...besides, why should an establishment have to offer up that service to you?  Shouldn't restrooms be restricted to paying customers anyway?

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