There is a hack that had Tim Hortons mad.

Michael Wallace, a statistics professor did a lot of research to find out the most perfect time to WIN Tim Horton's popular 'Roll Up The Rim' contest.

He found out that you had a 98% chance to 'Roll" up the rim and win at 3:16 AM.

Rolling up the rim contesting had changed to go digital during the COVID-19 pandemic. Of course, this made sense. When you think about it--it is gross that most of us would put our lips on the rim, probably roll up the rim with our teeth and then rip it off and hand it to the person working at Tim Hortons.

How did he get to find out the secret time?

Tim Hortons' website actually has updated, in real-time, data of people winning. So, he studied the website and found the BEST time to do you digital rolls.

The uncrowned king of Roll Up The Rim used some statistical methods to calculate the best time to roll up — 3:16 am ET. That’s late, but you must make sacrifices if you’re trying to get freebies, eh? It’s not so bad if you’re on the west coast (12:16 am).

Wallace’s experiments also concluded that the worst time to try your luck is 11:46 am ET", according to Daily Hive.

Seems pretty simple to find out right? Though, there were THOUSANDS of data points and wins that he had to go through.

That's the only thing that can help your odds of winning, though.

“The bonus roll is once per order, so if you order two coffees on the app in one order, you only get three rolls. Instead, you could split that into two separate orders of one coffee each. Each of those orders would earn two rolls, giving you four rolls in total,” the pro revealed.

There are some really cool prizes that you can win in 2024. There are vacations, fishing boats, popular beaver pool floats and more.

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