There is some great news for those who travel the 219 near Boston and Hamburg or use Boston State Rd often as a new gas station and Tim Horton's is being built! This will replace the current location that is already in that same vicinity.

The winter weather has vanished, for now, and the warm days have us thinking about road trips and fun! If you are going to be in the Boston/Hamburg part of town, now there is a place to fuel up and grab a coffee.

For those of us who live near this location, this is going to be very convenient.

According to the minutes from the board meeting for the Town of Boston in October 2022:

7072 Boston State Rd LLC – requesting conceptual review of a proposal to construct a new Tim Horton’s with Drive‐Thru, Convenient Store with fuel and 5,520 Office building at 7072 Boston State Rd.

New Tim Horton's In Boston/Hamburg

Gallery Credit: Clay Moden

The construction is underway and things seem to be moving along well.

There is more good news this week for those who love a good cup of coffee and a TimBit. The annual promotion "Roll Up The Rim To Win" is back at Tim Horton's and once again, it will be virtual.

The contest starts March 4th and not everyone is excited for the digital way of doing things.

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