There was the story in the Buffalo News on Monday about a Clarence man who won a $1.6 million judgement in a lawsuit against the town and a developer for diverting rain water onto his property creating a swamp. But even worse for him was the wetlands brought frogs and he has a frog phobia – so much so he was a prisoner in his own home. It may sound funny, but for him it wasn’t.

Here’s something a few more people may be able to relate to – a fear of spiders. How about a spider so big it could cover your face? Scientists have discovered a new type of tarantula with legs eight inches long. You won’t find them around here, but next time you travel to India or Sri Lanka watch out…..and look up. They hang out in trees.

They’re known as “Pokies” but they’re anything but slow. They move quick and if that’s not enough, Pokies are venomous. It’s like something out of a horror movie.

Believe it or not there are two other spiders that are even bigger than Pokies. Down in South America there’s the Goliath bird-eater. The name itself says plenty. Then even bigger is one that enjoys living its life in caves. And I’m sure that’s just fine with most people. The world’s largest spider is known as the Giant Huntsman with an average leg span of 12 inches.