We can all put the tub of ice cream and box of tissues away, your favorite friends are here to stay..for now anyways. Some say it's a Christmas miracle, while others found this out...

Thankfully, WKBW has reported some good news regarding the rumor of the sitcom "Friends" ending their four year residency on Netflix. It's now being said the show " will remain a part of Netflix's lineup through 2019, " Netflix announced late Monday. Netflix also released this tweet:

This whole speculation was due to a notice on the "Friends'" Netflix page that stated the sitcom would be on through Jan. 1. This comes less than a week after WarnerMedia announced the launch of a new streaming service sometime in 2019 ( not sure what that has to do with anything) but none the less, people freaked out, even signing a petition to keep the show on Netflix as part of it's service. About 17,000 friends of, well, friends, signed the petition.

So was this in fact a Christmas miracle? Who cares, The shows sticking around WOOHOO!!

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