Easter is just over 5 weeks away and the candy has been on the shelves for the last 5 weeks it seems. When the Easter Bunny visits your kids this year, perhaps the baskets will be filled with the new flavors of Peeps??

According to Delish

A new Sour Cherry flavor should be available for you to try now at a local grocery store. Other flavors available will be Pancakes and Syrup-flavored Peeps, if you like your candy to taste like breakfast.

Target is going to carry boxes of “Delight” chicks in flavors like Neopolitan - which has a chocolate and strawberry filling, and Lemon Sherbet and Orange Sherbet - both of which are dipped in fudge!

Walmart will have three exclusive mystery Peeps flavors. You’ll have to guess which flavor they may be until the big reveal from the company closer to Easter.

A few years ago, we tried our own Peep race here at the WYRK studios. I actually like a Peep every now and again. The yellow are my favorite but the new flavors definitely have my attention!

Source: Delish

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