Daily Distraction

The Daily Distraction is your internet break when you need to escape reality. Just be sure to share the love with your overly stressed, underpaid coworkers. Warning: These videos are highly addictive.

Would You Ever Ride In This Taxi? [VIDEO]
Well now this is one way to get around town! Not sure I would be game for long distance travel, but maybe down the street. Can you imagine going from the 190 South to the 90 E on this get-up?!?! No thank you!
Cute Alert: This Toy Train Was Too Much For This Baby [VIDEO]
I know that my parents used to put us in the car when we were babies to get us to go to sleep. If only they knew this was a possibility!
Little Vivienne loves her older brother's train and has mastered the operation, that's why her mom was comfortable leaving the room to check her email...
This Guy Built A Drone That Brings Him Beer [VIDEO]
Well if this isn't the American dream! Drones are the latest rage all over the world. From their breathtaking videos to the fact that they're just fun, they're pretty much for all ages. I feel like the litmus test for anything that moves (from dogs to electronics) is if they can deliv…

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