With all of the talent reality shows, regular reality shows, dancing shows, sitcoms, etc......To me, The Sing Off is above and beyond when it comes to pure vocal talent and entertainment, for that matter.  Nothing is sweeter than tight harmony.  Nothing is more creative than taking a great song, adding a twist ( all a Capella) and making it sound even better.  American Idol has jumped the shark, Dancing With The Stars is hurting for "actual" stars, America's Got Talent is now a singing contest...blah blah.  You get it, if you haven't jumped on board with The Sing Off, hopefully this will change your mind. 

Last night was opening Round 1.....8 teams, 2 get eliminated.  Next Monday....8 more teams and 2 get eliminated.  University of Rochester represented last night.....not a favorite, but they performed well.  The stand out to me was a group called "Delilah".  They are a group of girls made up of people from the previous 2 seasons.  Their opening song was "grenade" by Bruno Mars....Check it!!!!