When was the last time you checked your tire pressure in your car? If you drive a newer vehicle, you may be able to get that information from your dashboard readout. Motorcycles are advanced, but not quite to that point. We motorcyclists pretty much have to check our tire pressure the old fashioned way with an tire pressure gauge.

So how critical is proper air tire pressure on a motorcycle? VERY! Under-inflated tires on your motorcycle can cause tire failure. Under inflated tires can adversely affect vehicle cornering, reduce tire life, increase fuel consumption and cause fatigue cracking. Never over-inflate a tire, as over-inflation of a tire may reduce the contact patch.

Check your tire air pressure at least once a week and before long trips. Be sure to use an accurate pressure gauge. Check your air pressure when the tires are "cold." The tires are "cold" when your motorcycle has been ridden less than a mile at moderate speed or after being stopped for three or more hours. Never release air from a hot tire in order to reach the recommended cold tire pressure. Normal riding causes tires to run hotter and inflation pressure to increase. If you release air when your tires are hot, you may dangerously under inflate your tires.